Boudoir glamour model on location at the Nullabor Plains in Perth wearing lingerie gazing at an amazing sunrise.

You are ART.

 Our mission statement is a deeply held belief.

The commercial myth of beauty is wrong. EVERY inch of every person is wonderful. 

You are beautiful. You are ART. Show the world how incredible you are. Learn to love yourself by gifting yourself something priceless and wonderful, that of tangible memories of how amazing you truly are. There is NO better time to celebrate being you. 

Bookings are necessary, and to get the most from your boudoir session, please contact us here so that we can work together to create the best photos possible.

Meet Carol and Chris, two passionate photographers that are each others ying to their yang.

About Carol

What sort of person pulls over and rescues over 100 turtles on the highway over the years??? Donates to loads of different charities, and gives double to any that promote equality for everyone, everywhere?? Loves dressing up as sci-fi characters??

That would be me.. the person who has held a camera since being gifted one by Santa Claus over 40 years ago, coincidentally just a few weeks after 'borrowing' dad's polaroid camera from the buffet and taking a whole pack of pictures of the dog's nose. 

If being just a little geeky and caring just a bit too much sometimes sounds good to you, or you have a fun photo session idea, just click on contact me and we will get together over coffee and decadent cake or handmade cookies, my treat!

About Chris

A lover of fast cars and faster motorcycles, President and long time member of a not-for-profit sci-fi fan club that donates thousands of dollars to women-focused charities each year, and an analytical chemist who is detail-oriented and very focused. 

I'm Chris, the other half of the wedding and events team, I also answer to Minion. The Spock to Carol's Kirk, the Shepherd Book to her Mal, the voice of calm to Carol's creative fervour. The quiet one of the pair of us, but just as geeky and fun!

You often won't meet me until the day of your event, but rest assured I am just as involved and invested in creating your perfect memories. I like nothing better than showing you the back of the camera so you can see the magic happening.

Oh, and don’t worry if Carol yells at me and says “You’re fired!” I take it as a compliment, and she always rehires me after she sees my photos.

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