we can't tell you their names

This pandemic has ruined so many people's wedding plans, among other (many more important) things. Life is never going to be the same as it was, and weddings definitely fall into that category.

This gorgeous couple wanted to get married, and they planned and dreamed, and then state borders closed and important family couldn't travel. Postponement time, and hope that a few months would change things.

Well, life DID change, and absolutely for the better. A beautiful little boy chose this as the time to announce his pending arrival. But marriage was still on their minds, and amid all the joy and planning for a new family member, the wedding they dreamed of was put to one side.

This is where Side by Side Elopements stepped in to help, a small quiet ceremony, with NO stress, and beautiful memories. The Warburton redwood forest was chosen, and candles lit their eyes as their vows were made.

Surprise! we gifted a cake to help the celebration start. Because life together and new life, should both be an occasion for cake !

We'd love to make your private and secret wedding dreams come true, so get in touch and let's help you!