Is that a snake?!

One of the great joys about returning from Western Australia, was that I could retrieve my pet snake, Neeners. I've had her for a LONG time (she's had a longer life than her wild counterparts already), and she's very sweet and gentle and loves being handled.

Neeners is a spotted python, a small breed from the tropics, they rarely grow beyond 5ft long and not much thicker than a man's thumb. Recommended for beginner snake owners, she was the first snake I ever owned and had me hooked.

I put out a model call among my group of friends and fans, and Ms C leaped at the chance to handle her first snake. An accomplished actress and director, she'd never modelled boudoir before, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to direct the director so to speak!

Neeners was her usual calm and well behaved self, and she LOVED C's long hair, wrapping herself up in it and generally having a wonderful time. C was surprised at how warm and dry Neeners felt, and offered to come back and cuddle her anytime.

I ONLY use Neeners for sessions twice a year, and I limit it to 4 people per outing. I would never stress her, particularly as she gets older, and everyone disinfects and cleans their skin before handling her.

If you are interested in a mini session with Neeners, they occur around October and February/March when she is most active, send me an email here to be on the waiting list.