geelong maternity

Alison is a friend of one of my favourite brides, and when she asked if I would travel to Geelong for a maternity session, I was thrilled. I LOVE photographing in Geelong, it's so scenic and accessible.

We chose the Geelong Botanic Gardens, a favourite of mine, having done some other family sessions there, and it had the benefit of being close to her home, an important consideration when you are pregnant AND have a youngling to look after. I arrived with not only a lovely lace maternity gown, but also some flower crowns to give Alison's session a more romantic and elegant feel., She loved them, her baby girl, not so much.

Oh well, hair and makeup was a lovely soft look, suiting her skin tones and natural enough to be comfortable. Then it was off to the gardens, where we wandered a little, found some lovely trails and bench seats, and even though the roses weren't blooming, the little lady loved looking at them all the same.