Oh that feeling.

High heels, wearing them makes you stand different, they make you walk different, they make you FEEL different. As the great movie Kinky Boots reminded us, The Sex is In. The Heel.

My incredible Muse, Karina, treated herself to two amazing pairs of Pleasers, so of course, we had to photograph her wearing them!!

Before this, I didn't have any boots in the client wardrobe for you to borrow, but now, well, now we have LOTS from amazing glitter thigh highs with 8 inches of stiletto goodness, through to black and gold pleaser pole boots, and all sorts in between. Like the rest of the wardrobe, we cater for a range of sizes, up to a size 13! This means we are bound to have something that suits you, and of course, all parts of the wardrobe are thoroughly cleaned and UV sanitised before being used again.

woman wearing pink suede platform high heel boots posing with lets in air while laying on belly
detail of womans legs wearing pink platform high heel boots
woman wearing white lingerie and pink platform boots looking behind herself in mirror boudoir style
tattooed woman in white lingerie with pink high heel boots and long hair posing on bed

oh those legs

High heels make your legs look slimmer and longer, the higher and skinnier the heel the better! Don't worry if you think you can't walk in them, I definitely can't, but I DO know how to pose you wearing them, and I can pose you without them, put them on you myself and then take them off before you move. Don't own any?? Don't worry, as mentioned I have a HUGE container full of an incredible selection, but if you ARE looking to splurge for your session, I suggest either black or nude pumps to give you the best look.

woman with long hear wearing white lingerie and stiletto boots posing on bed with white sheets
long legged woman in white thong holding onto heel of stiletto boots with legs in air
long legged woman wearing pole dancing boots and white thong posing with mirror
long legged woman wearing black thong and stiletto boots posing against wall
long haired woman wearing black lingerie laying on bed with hand in cleavage

I am sure that most of us can remember that time as small girls, when we slipped on our mother's high heels and felt SO grown up, and then, our very own first pair of high heels. I know I tottered around feeling (and almost certainly looking) like a baby horse or giraffe, so unsteady on my feet, but I FELT amazing and powerful, ready to take on the world once I mastered how to stand and how to walk, and then, there came a time when I could RUN in 8 inch heels, how exhilarating!

We can help you get that incredibly powerful feeling again, AND we have the shoes to do it! SO get in touch by clicking HERE so that we can chat about your own incredible boudoir session

woman wearing thong bodysuit and purple pole dancing boots posing with mirror
long legged woman wearing purple pole dancing boots and g string posing against wall
long haired tattooed blonde wearing black bodysuit leaning on wall and smiling at camera
closeup view of long legged woman in black bodysuit and stiletto boots posing on chair with mirror
longhaired blonde sitting on floor posing with mirror and stiletto platform boots
long legged blonde wearing thong bodysuit posing on chair with mirror