so close to hello!

37 weeks and counting! Time has flown for Alycia and the beautiful little girl that she is nurturing. But it's so close now, and that means time for some mama pampering and memory making.

Alycia has been in front of my camera before, many years ago, when I was new to Melbourne and still studying my photography degree. A gorgeous beach session with a one of a kind evening gown and we both have such fond memories of that time. But this was a whole different story, maternity boudoir, yes please!

Gourmet juice and a luscious grazing platter awaited Alycia at TDA Studio , my creative home away from home, and I had LOADED my little convertible with all my maternity goodies, and hair and makeup kit. After going through everything together we decided that my brand new black hollywood gown would be stunning against her creamy skin, and to contrast it with white lace and royal blue.

pregnant woman in black underwear and hollywood style gown with red lipstick
brunette in blue lace maternity dress barefoot and posing with hand on belly
pregnant brunette with red lipstick in black underwear dancing in long hollywood style gown
pregnant brunette woman with glamour makeup and long black ruffled gown over black underwear
closeup of pregnant brunette featuring red lipstick and whitle lace over black underwear
pregnant woman in vintage white setting wearing black underwear and white lace gown and smiling at belly

One of the reasons I choose TDA is the variety of looks I can gain in just one space. Peter, the owner has put so much thought and effort into the versatility of his studio, and as you can see, bright and airy, warm and soft, or rich and moody, they are all at home here.

Alycia loved her photos so much she purchased the whole collection, and I am sure that her daughter will love looking at these precious memories.

pregnant woman in black lingerie laying on burgundy lounge with curtains and light in background
pregnant woman in black lingerie and sheer robe laying on chaise lounge
pregnant brunette in black lingerie posing on vintage rug and leaning on vintage sofa
pregnant woman in black lingerie posing on red lounge and black geometric carpet
pregnant woman in black lingerie with white lace robe kneeling and looking up towards light
pregnant brunette in white split front gown posing in bathtub with orange flowers and wood background
pregnant woman in white split front gown posing in provincial french white room with candles and plants
pregnant woman in white split gown seated on boudoir chair in light and airy setting with candles and plants