Enter a Heading

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it's official, I HATE covid-19

We all know it, we all say it, but for Amanda it was particularly true that Covid sucks. Amanda's mother was ill, terminally ill with cancer, and she desperately wanted to see her daughter marry before she passed. Amanda had no clue how to organise a wedding on short notice, so she took to facebook. I saw her post and offered to give her a hand. A simple backyard ceremony was decided on, just a few guests to keep it personal and easy, as they have two young children. MARRY ME HELLEY also came on board, and her assistance was invaluable, she's an absolute powerhouse for getting things done beautifully, and I was thrilled to be able to work with her at last.

Disaster struck. A snap lockdown meant NO weddings, a terminally ill parent didn't count for compassionate reasons, and Amanda's mother died without seeing her dream. I can't even imagine anything so devastating. Amanda still planned to marry the love of her life, but she needed time to grieve and come to terms with her mother only being there in spirit.

Finally, just when it seemed things were starting to get better, Amanda was ready to go ahead, and we planned and organised and it was going to be beautiful! Sticking to the back yard idea so that she could have just her closes family and friends to celebrate with, everything seemed wonderful. Disaster, less than 48 hours before her ceremony, another snap lockdown meant NOT visitors to homes, another venue would have to be found.

Castello's Hotel to the rescue! They re-arranged some rooms and rescheduled things and gave the lovely couple the sports bar for 3 hours. It was FINALLY going to happen!! By the time I arrived at their lovely home, everything was in full swing, and the excitement was contagious!

bride and mothers wedding ring sitting in front of brides headpiece and veil
bride's perfume detail shot with bridal bouquet in background and rings on bottle neck
wedding dress hanging in doorway between deep blue bridesmaid and white flower girl dresses
blond bridesmaid with updo helping brunette bride with updo into dress
blond bridesmaid with hair half up and half down helping flowergirl in white dress
bride standing in front of attendants getting ready for first look with father
tattooed bearded man in grey suit exclaiming in delight at seeing daughter dressed as bride
tattooed bride and father embracing after first look
bride laughing with father and attendants after first look
bride with father and stepmother and attendants after first look

Elegant and sweet

Decorating was kept to a minimum so that the time they had could be used for celebrating, but the important things were there, a memorial for Amanda's mother, the beautiful sand ceremony that Helley provides as part of her service, and of course, the guests!

I don't think that I have ever seen a more nervous groom, he was literally shivering with excitement, and who can blame him, it had indeed been a long and rocky road, but at last, the woman of his dreams was going to say I do.

First up was a memorial to Amandas Mother, and that meant not a dry eye in the house. Then it was on with the beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.

memorial poem for deceased mother of bride
sand ceremony for three people to pour into heart shaped container
blonde bearded groom in grey suit waiting with casually dressed attendants for bride to arrive
selfie station at diy wedding
tattooed bride carrying pink bouquet arriving on arm of father
father of bride presenting tattooed bride with updo at wedding ceremony
tattooed bride in white gown with pink flowers holding hand of blonde bearded groom in grey suit at wedding ceremony
Tattooed bride and groom with male attendants and celebrant in purple during wedding ceremony
tatttooed bride and groom lighting memorial candle for brides mother while best man looks on
mother of groom in dark purple outfit crying during wedding ceremony

celebrating love

Of course, a wedding is a celebration, and soon the smiles and laughs broke out, particularly during the wedding party photos, because this group of friends LOVES to ham it up!!

All too soon, it was time for the newlyweds to head off to married life, but not before we went to a beautiful park for some alone time with the camera.

best man and girlfriend embracing at wedding
bridesmaides and tattooed bride silly wedding photo
bridesmaids in dark blue and groomsmen in white shirts with blue ties
tattooed bride in tulle gown and groom in grey suit toasting each other with beer+
best man and groomsman in blue pants and white shirts with blue ties smiling and joking around
tattooed wedding party dressed in dark blue and white laughing and being silly
tattooed wedding party looking horrified as tattooed bride and groom kiss
groom and groomsman being silly for camera
groom and maid of honour being silly for camera
bridesmaid in dark blue and groom being silly for camera
tattooed bride being kissed on forehad by husband wearing blue pants and tie
tattooed bride holding hands with husband and showing off decorated fingernails
tattooed bride embracing husband and showing off wedding and engagement ring
tattooed bride in white gown walking with groom in blue pants and tie on path through park in late afternoon
tattooed bride in corset gown dancing with groom in park
groom in blue pants and white shirt dancing with tattooed bride in white gown
groom in white shirt kissing tattooed bride on cheek
tattooed bride embracing groom while veil floats in front of them