Notice anything different??

This blog post is not like the others, no this blog post is NOT the same. It's no secret that black and white photos are timeless and will tell your story beautifully and REALLY showcase the emotion of your wedding day. That's one of the reasons you get ALL of your photos in black and white FOR FREE when you choose us as your wedding photographers.

Anna and Zoltan are fellow lovers of black and white photos. So, even though they have received both colour and black and white in their gallery, I have chosen to show you only the monochrome (another, not quite right, name for black and white).

What do you think, is the emotion the first thing you see?? Do you miss the colour that would have been here??

bride in lace gown holding pet cat wearing bowtie on balcony of city apartment
bride kissing father while mother looks on at casual wedding

A three member wedding

Don't misunderstand, this wasn't a polyamoury wedding. Anna's gorgeous orange and white cat Zeus was DEFINITELY one of the wedding party though, and maybe the vows should have read, I take you AND YOUR CAT to have and to hold and to cherish for ever. Anna told me that when she first bought Zoltan home, it wasn't to meet her parents, but to get Zeus's approval, because without it, he wasn't going to be a part of her life. Of course, as is the way with cats, not only did he take to Zoltan straight away, but now, guess who is his favourite!

While he declined to attend the ceremony, Anna made sure he looked the part with his own custom bow tie, and lots and lots of cuddles before she left to marry the other man of her dreams. I might be a little biased, because I adore orange cats, but I think Zeus is the most handsome best man that I have ever seen.

nervous bride wearing hair up and flowers in hair walking down aisle on mothers arm
bride in white lace and tulle gown laughing as groom in dinner suit  messes up wedding vows

So quick and easy

Get the paperwork done quickly! That was Anna and Zoltan's way of thinking, a simple ceremony, them some time together, then off to celebrate with the people who really matter. Not liking to be the center of attention, they didn't want hours of readings, long convoluted vows, and certainly didn't want to have their celebrant tell their life story, their friends and family already knew that part.

This is where the Melbourne Wedding Registry is perfect. With two ceremony choices, a gorgeous heritage building and stunning gardens right at the doorstep, many couples love this option, and I love it so much that I offer a discount for couples getting married there.

Anna sings in a church choir, and was so thrilled to see that not only the choir members (including keyboardist and conductor), but also her pastor had come along to wish her and ZOltan all the very best. The choir sang a beautiful rendition of "enter the bright seraphim" as she walked down the aisle to her love.

All about the twirl

Anna originally wasn't going to wear a wedding dress, but she thought she would try some on to keep her spirits up with all the changes Covid had wrought to their original plans, and surprise, she HAD to wear one! Her biggest love about her dress was the way it TWIRLED, so we made sure to dance in their park photos. Honestly, this loved up couple were made to dance with each other for the rest of their lives, doesn't it show!

The threatened rain (it IS Melbourne, after all) finally arrived, so a quick tram ride to their favourite drinking hole for cocktails, finger food and cake finished off their perfect afternoon.