Wedding Boudoir??

Boudoir photography isn't new, in fact, sensual photos of the female form were some of the first things that photography pioneers created.

Boudoir photos are personal, intimate and unique. YOU choose the style of image when you choose a photographer, YOU decide how intimate they are, and YOU decide who sees them, in this case, your betrothed on the morning of your wedding.

naughty and nice

Anna didn't want the sweet and innocent images that most people would associate with a pre wedding session. She wanted to revel in her naughty side, wear her favourite sexy underwear AND her wedding day lingerie, and show her husband to be what he could expect in their marriage.

We chose to photograph her session in her home, for truly intimate and unique images, grabbing the fluffy throw of their bed, using her office space for it's great light, this quiet nurse pulled out all of the stops in showing her wild side.

Finding confidence and motivation to have a boudoir session isn’t all about overcoming obstacles and learning your own strength. Sometimes it's about creating something unique for that special person in your life, and what better way to start the journey of marriage together than showing your partner your confident and sensual side.

So, if you've been looking for a "WHY?" for a boudoir session, weddings and anniversaries are PERFECT! Get in touch HERE today and let's create some magic.