Questions are normal!

A boudoir photo session is amazing, you feel so empowered and alive afterwards, you feel beautiful, you feel unstoppable. But before you book, it's perfectly normal to have questions, so let me answer some of the most common ones for you here.


It's DEFINITELY normal to be nervous before your boudoir session, or any session in fact! Like the vast majority of my clients, I was SO nervous before my session too, so you definitely aren't alone. I promise, once the session has gone on for a few minutes, you will wonder where the butterflies have gone!


That's part of MY job! I've studied posing all the different body types, how to minimise the bits that you are still learning to love, how to maximise those you already do. Before your session, we talk about your body, about your reasons for your session and what style of images you want, and we use that to create a flow of poses that will result in images that will take your breath away. Don't forget, we give you a stretching guide before your session too, and that's a huge help!

mature man posed on chaise lounge in boudoir style
disabled boudoir photography woman with cerebral palsy in lingerie posed on lounge at home
outdoor boudoir photography plus size woman posed in lingerie with tulle skirt and boots
model in hollywood gown and thigh high boots posed next to muscle car night time photography
non binary boudoir woman dressed in masculine clothing and bare feet with cleavage showing
woman in red dress with black lingerie posed with hands in hair boudoir style

i don't have a clue about makeup!

We get this one a LOT. Personally, I rarely wear it. If you watch the live meetings I do in my VIP Facebook group here, or if we've met up in person for coffee and cake, you will see that I don't wear it often. HOWEVER, makeup and a hairdo are part of our luxury pampering experience, helping you feel comfortable and glammed up, and ready to slay your session! I'm a qualified hair and makeup artist, so it's usually me providing that service, which means we can get to know each other really well before we start the photography side.


Oh, we hear this a lot! People don't want loose prints laying around for just anyone to see, or to possibly get mislaid. Our collections are designed to give you beautiful and discreet storage for your amazing photos whether you choose an album or a box that you can add to, we know you will love them. All of our images and packaging are museum archive quality, so your images aren't only beautifully presented, they are safe from degradation for years to come.

outdoor boudoir tattooed woman in gold sequin dress posing on ground
plus size outdoor boudoir curvy woman wearing black lingerie draped in red satin sheet
maternity boudoir pregnant woman in black underwear dancing in black hollywood gown
curvy woman posing on bed with buttocks in air wearing lace thong bodysuit anonymous boudoir
woman of colour posing in floral lingerie silhouetted against window and wall
plus size wedding boudoir redhead woman with red lipstick posing on floor implied nude

i have no idea what to wear, help!

ANYTHING is sexy, if you wear it with the right attitude, but don't worry, we've done the hard work for you here too! We have a What to Wear Guide to help you out, AND we keep a client wardrobe full of goodies such as extravagant hollywood gowns, amazing high heels and stockings galore! You can ALWAYS reach out to us for ideas, we'll even take photos of the goodies we have to show you.


We understand that not everyone loves every part of their body, in fact, almost no one does! That's why we talk to you about what you do and don't want, we spend time with you creating images based around helping you realise how awesome you are. We show you what we are capturing in the back of the camera, and take your response to heart. But please, remember, there is NO obligation to make a purchase. Of course, we hope you will fall in love with every image that we show you, because we put our heart and soul into creating them.

woman in lingerie and robe  and spectacles sitting on kitchen counter with cup of coffee
woman in black lingerie and fishnets posing against wall plus size boudoir
silhouette of woman in lingerie posing on chair with head thrown back
outdoor sunset photo of man wearing feather wings and open shirt
redhead in black lingerie posing with lens flare
outdoor boudoir woman in black lingerie, boots and cowboy hat with flowing tulle skirt and rainbow

This seems expensive??

We get it, you probably aren't used to spending money on yourself. There are so many other priorities, family, home, many other things that are more important at one time or another. But you DESERVE to be pampered and spoilt for all the hard work you put into making other people's lives better. A boudoir session is definitely a luxury, and that's why we treat it as such, with a gourmet grazing box, bottle of bubbly wine, awesome client closet to give you incredible images without investing in expensive one wear items, and the very best packaging for those incredible photos.

When I say we put our heart and soul into your session and images, I mean it. We've spent years training, not only in photography techniques, but in hair and makeup and posing skills. We use the very best professional equipment, we are a legitimate photography business, with insurance and business registration with the Australian Securities Commission (ASIC), not just someone with a camera who likes to take pictures of pretty girls. Photography is ALL we do, and we take it seriously and this is the only way we earn our living. We are invested in making YOU feel incredible.

We DO offer customised payment plans, AND, if you choose a prepayment plan, where you select how many images and the packaging before your session, you will receive TWO bonus images added to your package. This makes budgeting AND value even better, it's a no brainer really