yarra bend park

When I first met Ashlin over coffee and cake for a chat about their wedding photography, I couldn't believe my luck. This awesome creative woman with the Unicorn hair wanted ME to photograph her wedding - wow! We had so much in common, she was a fellow creative (her artwork is AWESOME and can be seen HERE). We both loved Star Wars and other Sci Fi, we agreed that the Pantheon Cafe in Fairfield, where she suggested we meet, was DEFINITELY awesome coffee.

However, we didn't agree that her fiancé Nick, would be comfortable in front of the camera, and she had resigned herself to having minimal wedding photos. Now, if you've seen me with a camera or even been in front of my lens, you will know that making people comfortable and relaxed is first and foremost in my skills. I work hard at it, and it's something that I am proud of, because it's IMPORTANT to me to capture the real you, the interaction between two people, the true beauty that you only show someone you trust, I loathe and detest stiff and awkward looking photos and cheesy forced grins.

SO.. I offered them a no obligation, totally free engagement session, first one I have ever done, and it was so wonderful that now EVERY couple gets a free engagement session, because it's worth it to help you realise that being photographed doesn't have to be as painful as a dental extraction, and that you CAN enjoy yourself and have photos that mean something, and memories to look back on and smile.

Whoops! Where did that soapbox come from *steps down carefully*. Let's just look at the awesome photos that we took at Yarra Bend Park shall we, and hope that one day, we find someone who looks at us, the way Nick looks at Ashlin, and don't forget to book your FREE engagement session HERE