I have struggled a bit with blogging an actual photo session, so this has been a while coming.

I regularly put out model calls on my facebook page, and I will start doing them here and on my instagram page soon too. 

While I work with some amazing professional models, I love using ‘everyday’ people when I have a new concept or accessory to showcase. I truly love taking someone who thinks they aren’t worthy of being a model and showing them how amazing they are.

Enter Miss A. My last call was for contemporary beauty sessions for my new studio. Miss A had recently lost a lot of weight and wanted to celebrate, even though she felt that she was still too chubby to really be ready for the camera.

Boy was she wrong! Look at these gorgeous photos,

Makeup, Styling and Photography by Images with Carol Copyright 2014, Images with Carol

Miss A has the most beautiful eyes I have ever photographed, her wonderful smile lights up a room and her easy, full laughter is infectious. We had the most amazing afternoon.

Makeup, Styling and Photography by Images with Carol Copyright 2014, Images with Carol

What started as a beauty session ended in dancing and music and laughter, and I love how this image captures the energy and joi de vivre that we had on the day. Our catch up day a short time later was the same, with laughter and jokes and great stories shared over amazing waffles at Miss Marples Tea Rooms in Sassafras, and then a drive through the hills with the top down.

Of course, there were a few serious moments, and they gave a totallly different feel to her images, but only enhanced her beauty.

Miss A, September 2014 Copyright 2014 Images with Carol

Many MANY thanks to Miss A for answering my call, for being so open to suggestions and for giving me two days filled with laughter and fun.

If these images inspire you, let me show you how amazing YOU can be in photos, even if you don’t think so, email, facebook, comment or message me!