Well, this is a change

It's been a while since I photographed fashion, while I DO love it, boudoir and weddings seem to take up most of my time, which is awesome too!

When Athina got in touch to get some glamourous photos, she was adamant that she wasn't after boudoir or sexy, just glam and fun, and you know what? I LOVE that she knew exactly what would make her feel amazing after separating from her husband, so we headed down to TDA Studios at Moorabbin, because with Peter's range of gorgeous sets, I knew we could create just the images that Athina was looking for.

Sequins and Satin

Athina loves online shopping, and her natural elegance shines through in her purchases. After some lovely warm up images in black sequins and a gorgeous black satin gown, she changed into a stunning red satin number that really showed off her curves!

If you've got special outfits you want amazing photos of, why not try a glam session?? We are happy to organised hair and makeup, and treat you like the super model that you ARE!