don't panic!

Covid is STILL making weddings and other events difficult. I can't imagine what couples are going through with number changes, postponements, venues and other businesses closing their doors. BUT, we can help!!

And help is exactly what Bianca and Mitchell needed, with only six weeks to go, it became obvious that their planned backyard wedding couldn't go ahead, due to covid related delays, the construction needed just wouldn't be ready. They decided to move to the local Baseball club, where Mitchell is not only a fan but also a player and coach. However, restrictions meant that they couldn't use the indoor seating and facilities Side by Side Elopements to the rescue!!

Our "Whole Sha Bang" package included enough seats for all of their guests, along with an arbour decorated to suit their gorgeous colour theme, setup AND packdown, less stress for the entire wedding party, which Bianca, who was 26 weeks pregnant on their wedding day, really appreciated.

casually dressed blonde groom in grey jacket and chins checking buttonhole before outdoor wedding ceremony
diy handwritten wishing well sign in chalk  wedding detail
diy bouquet charm wedding detail
diy wedding decoration candles in jars with babys breath on cut logs along aisle
diy wedding deocration  wishing well sign on table strewn with fresh flowers in pink and white
mother of bride in black gown helping pregnant bride in blush dress get ready
brunette bride in blush dress cuddling young daughter in white while smiling
pregnant bride in blush lace dress helping young daughter get ready
young flower girl in blush dress putting on shoes and smiling at camera
flatlay of invitation in white and gold on blush background with pink and white accessories

the barefoot bride

Bianca LOVES the feel of the grass on her feet, connecting her to the earth, so she decided that she would be a barefoot bride! The only downside to this was for Mitchel, who had the unenviable task, with two of his best friends, of checking the entire park are for doggie doo doo before the ceremony. Fortunately, the local dog walkers are a considerate bunch, and they didn't find any evidence left behind.

Pretty soon Bianca was walking towards him, smiling all the way as he waited beside their arbour under a beautiful large tree. The waiting guests oohed and aahed over her stunning blush dress, and little Emily stole the show, running towards daddy for a cuddle.

casually dressed blonde groom waiting at arbour decorated in pink adn white for bride
casually dressed blonde groom in grey jacket and chinos seeing bride for first time
casually dressed father of bride in shorts and dark shirt walking bride down aisle she's holding flower girls hand
casually dressed father of bride walking brunette bride wearing blush dress down aisle as flowergirl runs ahead
bride in blush dress on father's arm gathers blowing veil in as they walk down aisle
flowergirl in white dress carrying basket of pink and white flowers runs towards groom at outdoor ceremony
pregnant bride in blush dress and long veil standing at arbour with casually dressed groom
celebrant hands flowergirl gift to casually dressed groom as bride and daughter look on
casually dressed groom in blue jacket places necklace on flowergirl in white as pregnant bride looks on

on with the show

The beautiful vows written by Bianca and Mitchell to each other, also included their young daughter, with a special keepsake necklace for her to remember the day she was flower girl at their wedding.

After blessings by both sets of parents over the wedding rings, signing the register and walking back up the aisle to resounding cheers and applause, it was time for family and friends to celebrate with them, and then a relaxing summer afternoon in the park before gathering on the baseball mound (Mitchell's one photo request) for a group photo.

If you dream of a no fuss wedding, as beautiful as this one, just get in touch HERE and we'll call you back within 24 hours for a chat about your amazing day and how we can tell your story.

bride in blush dress holding pink bouquet shares a tender smile with groom in blue jacket and chinos
laughing bride holding pink rose bouquet leans on tree while groom smiles at her
closeup of bouquet and ring with bride holding hands behind grooms neck
bide and groom share a tender embrace in park afer wedding
bride and groom leaning against large oak tree and laughing as they embrace
family photo of laughing bride and groom relaxing on grass as they hold their young daughter
bride and groom reclining on grass and looking at flowergirl who is laying on brides train the sun is shining on them
groom embracing bride who is smiling at him as they sit under oak tree.  their daughter is sitting on the brides gown
bride laying in grooms lap under large oak tree as their daughter leans on her while holding her bouquet
closeup of flowergirl laying on brides train her hair is braided and had babies breath woven through it

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