Now that I have the beautiful Boudoir studio finally ready to use, it’s time to get some images and put up a gallery so that I can price and advertise sessions.

Thank heavens for face book, and THANK YOU to my amazing fans there. I put out a model call, asking for women of all shape, age and size to apply, and then my makeup artist, Kristina from KMJ Beauty and I went through them to pick the lucky finalists and professional models who applied.

It was so hard to narrow it down, I want to make EVERY woman feel that she looks amazing. But we could only have a few, and our time was very limited as Kristina works long hours in a salon and in her own business, so we decided to hold a marathon. We limited ourselves to three models a day for two days, one weekend day and one week day and went from there.

Bo Peep Doll from the Trash Dolls. Iw as so lucky to capture her with her wild pink hair.

The models were offered full use of the studio wardrobe, and several chose to bring in their own favourite outfits as well. For those that were inexperienced, I had a huge pose collection to choose from, and although several of them liked similar poses, there was enough variety so that everyone got images they loved, and I could build a great gallery. Kristina consulted with all the models about the sort of look that they wanted to wear and arrived early each day to be fully set up and confirm ideas, she really is amazing to work with.

Ms D, who brought her own beautiful lingerie to mix with our studio wardrobe.

The two days were hectic, it took a lot of organising and pre production planning (I photographed EVERY piece of studio wardrobe that was relevant on Miss Dolly). Thank goodness for Facebook groups, which helped to keep all the photos, ideas, and other information in one place for everyone to access.

Beautiful Melbourne model, Jessica Fernando in our studio wardrobe

But, just look at what we created. There was so much fun, so much creativity, and such happiness at the end of it all. There are plenty more images in the boudoir gallery, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The beautiful and talented Katy Hollywood, also of the Trash Dolls agency.

Many thanks go to Kristina of KMJ Beauty, Laura of Visionary Alchemy (hair artist), professional models Jessica Fernando, Sammi Jo, Lily Paige, Katy Hollywood, Bo Peep Doll and all the other lovely ‘every day’ ladies who modelled for me and helped get the boudoir gallery up and running.

Melbourne plus size model Lily Paige, who inspired me to dye my hair blue!