this feels SO good

If you've been following my work for a while, you will have seen Brodie in images regularly. One of the first amazing models that I met when I was studying my degree, what started out as a student collaboration has turned into a deep and lasting friendship. I LOVE the energy that Brodie brings to a session, her willingness to hold a pose until I get it just right (sorry about the toe cramp B!!), combined with her natural beauty and stunning curves, is it any wonder she's one of my muses??

chiarascuro image of woman in red lingerie and gold necklace
tattooed blonde woman in red lingerie posing on arm of antique chair
blonde long haired woman in red lipstick and sheer lingerie posing against white wall with light leaks
long haired blonde woman in red lingerie wearing leather cat mask and collar and holding chain with leather cuffs
long haired blonde woman wearing red lipstick and lingerie with leather cat mask and collar around neck holding leash
close up of long haired blonde in red lipstick with red leather cuffs and chain around wrists
pale skinned legs with leopard print stilettoes that have a red leather cat mask dangling from them

more of the arty stuff

As I find my style changing to be more into kink, BDSM and erotica, it's wonderful to have someone as creative as Brodie to work with, so pulling out all the goodies that I had purchased from local sex shops for the client wardrobe became hours of giggles and ideas, we went from fierce and dominant, to small and submissive.

After looking at many of the photos, I also decided to try working with light leaks and other goodies to enhance the story we were telling. THANK YOU again Brodie for your patience and creativity, I can't wait to work with you again!

If you are interested in being one of my VIP's and taking part in a model call, you can apply to the Facebook group HERE and if you would like to rummage through my BDSM goodies at a photo session, contact me HERE and I will get back to you to make an appointment for a chat to answer all of your questions.

And now, because I love them SO much, here are some black and white images!

rear view of a woman in high heels and g string body suit wearing thigh garters and holding a cat mask
chiarascuro image of a long heared woman in lingerie kneeling over a seat
long haired woman in lingerie posing with hand in hair
tattooed long haired woman posing on tiptoe on antique armchair with fingers on neck