I am sure by now, that you will see my prices page only lists two sizes of images, 5×7 and 11×14. I get a lot of requests for different sizes, which is why I offer the digital files only option. although the cost is the same as my printed images.

However, before you rush out to print, you should be aware of what is called ‘aspect ratio’ which will affect the way your final image looks. Some aspects can make you look tall and thin, some will make you look thicker and shorter.

Model Elliot Shearman – Bettina Model Management, Melbourne Hair, styling and photography by Images with Carol Copyright 2014

All of these versions of the same image were resized from the top left corner down. It is easy to see which ones allow for more detail, and which ones are more flattering. The model is a standard sized 13 year old boy, and yet in some images he looks 10 kilos heavier.

So PLEASE, if you are going to print from digital files, remember the aspect ratio when you choose an enlargement size, and make sure that you preview what you could be chopping off or making look out of proportion.