J found me through one of my Muses, and we'd met at a wedding where i was entranced by her beautiful self, she had the whole package, gorgeous eyes, stunning lips and smile and curves that just didn't quit. I was taken aback when I learned that she'd struggled a bit with accepting and loving her mama body, and I offered to go to her, to make it easy, plus, she lives on a country property, WIN!

I can't put into words how awesome it was to photograph someone who was so willing to do anything that would help her see how amazing she was, and when she mentioned her woolshed, we hopped in the truck drove through a paddock of steers (seriously!) and found the photo opportunity of my dreams!

This was WINTER in the high country of Victoria, so it was COLD. But that doesn't dampen the spirit of a country girl, and we both laughed our way through the quickest ever photo session, and at 6 degrees celsius, with a wind coming off the snow, that was BLOODY quick!

Enjoy the photos of this incredible woman, I know I do, and I was thrilled to have one of them printed on metal to hang in her bedroom (but not as thrilled as her man!)