Last post I shared pictures of my tiny studio, it’s not STRICTLY boudoir, but that’s the main purpose of it. However, I have shot pre wedding, portrait, beauty and headshots in there successfully. That’s the beauty of planning for versatility.

This post is about my bedroom studio. It’s an actual bedroom, mine. The plan is that in 12 months it will be in it’s own space. Fingers crossed that my dream becomes real. I firmly believe that it will with hard work and dedication.

The view from the ‘bottom’ wall of my boudoir setting/bedroom. The vintage embroidered tablecloth covers a damask ottoman for storage of studio wardrobe items. Unfortunately, this gorgeous ottoman has a burn mark from a careless HMUA and a curling iron :< There is about 4 feet of space between where I am standing and the ottoman.

The bedroom setting doubles as a changeroom during sessions. That’s going to change in 12 months if things to plan as well. But for now, I banish my husband from World of Warcraft (his desk is behind the camera in this picture) if he is home and we take over the room and fill it with girly clothes and laughter as we make images like the ones in my galleries.

As you can see the bed really is gorgeous, best ebay find ever. It’s solid jarrah timber and hand made wrought iron, and we have had it for over 15 years. A black textured satin coverlet and damask pillowcases and cushions make for great backgrounds for reclining curves, and I have hung a dark sheer curtain behind it, because the wall is just ugly. The bedside drawers are slender boys, purchased from a local furniture store, and the colour matches surprisingly well, however, their height means that candlabras that I dreamed of just do NOT photograph well (all you see is the bottom of the stick :<) So pillars and salt lamps, and a few silk flowers provide some interest there.

The ugly side of my bedroom, yes those shelves are ALL camera gear (hair and makup kits are on the bottom). I NEED to re organise and destash it *sigh* How will I ever part with anything, I LOVE it all!

The window on camera left is huge and heavily covered in lace curtaining again, and the light is a little darker due to shrubbery, but still beautiful. The white door acts as a great reflector when it’s closed (which it is during a session). I really am limited to two small shooting positions in this room, but that just makes me think outside the box.

One of my limited photographing positions.. can you pick which images in my galleries were shot from here??? Please note the paw prints. Minerva LOVES to pounce on the coverlet as soon as it’s laid over the bed.. and yes, that’s where all the little white spots come from. The coverlet gets a brush off with sticky tape every time, but I still find one or two to remove with photoshop *sigh*

So there you have it, how to photograph boudoir in a tiny space. Check out my galleries for some images shot in the spaces mentioned, and I hope that if you are a photographer reading this, you get some ideas. If you are thinking of booking a session, I hope it makes you feel comfortable to know that I am not in a huge impersonal studio and that there won’t be stray people just wandering in and out.