The average cost of an Australian wedding comes out to roughly $36,000 (from moneysmarts.gov.au) . No, that's not a joke (I truly wish it was)! BUT, if you get married at home or in a park that number can drop SO much lower! Not only that, a DIY backyard or park wedding can be absolutely gorgeous.

Donna and Jerry chose to have their wedding at her parent's stunning house in Crows Nest, Qld. I am SO glad they did, because check out that view! Donna's mother planned and planted all of the gardens of their new home especially with the wedding in mind, and they were STUNNING. This wedding was pure perfection, and proof that you can have a beautiful wedding without laying down oodles of cash!  

pink flowers and candle table centrepiece with glasses and greenery for backyard wedding
mature bride with flower girls all dressed in white with pink flowers
mature blonde bride with hair down and veil embracing tearful mother with grey hair
mature blonde bride in white gown holding pink flower hoop and smiling at camera
flowergirl in white dress with pink flower crown walking into backyard wedding ceremony
casually dressed groom and best man waiting at arbour with celebrant for bridal party outdoor wedding
mature bride in white gown on arm of aged father and redhead son walking into backyard wedding ceremony
aged father presenting mature blonde bride to casually dressed groom at outdoor wedding ceremony

 The wedding was a family affair, not only for the ceremony, with brothers, sisters and their children taking the honours, but all the guests were related to Donna and Jerry too!

I LOVE the casual elegance of Jerry's outfit, so suitable to the Queensland weather, and check out those gorgeous floral hoops, made lovingly by the bride for her special day

I asked these two what their favourite part of the day was, and Donna said 'The look in Jerry's eyes when I said I do' . Isn't that what marriage is all about!!

Thank you SO much for choosing us to be a part of your perfect and awesome wedding day Donna and Jerry, we wish you and your family a lifetime of happily ever after.

flower girls in white and birdesmaid in pink standing at wedding ceremony with pink flower hoops outdoor wedding
mature bride and casually dressed groom embracing in front of white wooden arbour after wedding ceremony
newly married casually dressed mature groom with pony tail embracing daughters dressed as flower girls
mature blonde bride in white gown and casually dressed groom holding thank you sign while kissing
pink wedding flowers with pendant carrying deceased brothers ashes and engraved name.
candid wedding photo of flower girl and ring bearer in white with pink flowers poking out tongues
mature blonde bride in white gown with pink flower hoop posed on adirondak chair on front verandah of home
mature blonde bride in white gown and veil being kissed on temple by casually dressed groom in dark shirt