Summer is on the way in Australia (yes, even in Melbourne!). Beach visits, family picnics, BBBQ’ with friends, these are all great reasons to pull out the camera and capture some memories.

Whether you take pictures with a DSLR, point and shoot or even one of the fabulous smart phone cameras, all of the links here have some great tips that are easy to remember, and even more simple to put into practice. Try a couple and see a big improvement in your summer pictures, but don’t forget to print them too!

8 smartphone camera travel tips

Almost everyone has access to a phone with a camera these days, and these tips will ensure that your next trip or outing has great memories that you can easily share and print.

5 Tips for better holiday photos

Tips for the serious amateur or professional here, you will almost certainly need a DSLR and some knowledge of it’s workings to get the most of these, but there are still some good all round hints too.

6 Tips for getting great summer travel photos

If you are heading away from home for a trip this summer, you need to read this! Doesn’t matter if it’s just a week on the beach in a tent, or a once in a lifetime cruise, the ideas are simple and easy to use with pretty much ANY camera. 

4 Tips for capturing the beauty of summer in your photos

Summer is full of colour and life and movement. Here are some easy and practical ideas that you can use with ANY camera to create vivid memories and enjoy looking back on them all year long.

So, there you have it, lots and lots of easy ways to make your next batch of summer images really wow everyone who looks at them. There will be a lot more posts filled with useful info coming up in the future, so please hit the subscribe button and make sure you don’t miss out on anything! If you want to see more of our behind the scenes work, you can add us on facebook here Facebook Page

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