I wanted to give myself a gift and after losing 70ish kgs over the last two years I needed to discover parts of myself again.

Geeky clients are my favourites, and Emily certainly counts! We met at a 'Wayward Sisters" session organised by a mutual friend after a Supernatural convention, just before beginning her journey to health and wellness. I thought she was beautiful from the moment I saw her, that smile and those STUNNING eyes, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when she booked me for a boudoir session while I was on a trip to Sydney.

blonde woman with short curly hear wearing oversize pale purple sweater in bright and airy bedroom
blonde woman with coquettish smile pulling down pale purple oversized sweater and revealing black bra strap
short curly haired blonde coyly smiling through lashes at camera while wearing oversize sweater
plus size woman in black bra and purple sweater revealing stretch marks and excess skin with confidence
blonde with curled hair and bare legs laying on bed wearing purple sweater

I felt like a goddess. It was an absolutely amazing experience

Carol has a way of making you feel perfectly at ease and comfortable. Gosh, those words from Emily put the biggest smile on my face! A boudoir photo session with me is all about YOU! We chat a LOT about what you want from your session and images, we go over wardrobe so that you can have exactly the style of image that you want, from coy and flirty to outright sultry and sexy, I can provide everything you need, or you can do as Emily did and mix some of my pieces with your own wardrobe for a truly unique and personal set of images.

short haired blonde plus size woman posing in lace kimono and lingerie on tiptoe
short haired blonde woman  sitting at  end of white provincial bedroom suite wearing black lace lingerie
plus size blonde woman with short hair wearing black lingerie and sitting in windowsill she has stretch marks and loose
woman with painted fingernails and wearing dark lingerie touching painted lips with fingertips

My boudoir session showed me how beautiful I was in a way i had never realised

As soon as Emily's hair came out of curlers I KNEW we were going to have a glamour vixen style to her session, we started with flirty items like her gorgeous purple jumper, moved on to black lace, then went for the wow factor of her red lingerie, black leather, suspenders stockings and one of our steel boned corsets. By the end, she wasn't walking from one part of the room, Emily was STRUTTING.

Want this confidence for yourself?? Let's chat!! I'd love to prove to you that you are incredible and sexy and beautiful!

lower half of woman in red lingerie and leopard heels and leather jacket
woman with curled dierty blonde hair wearing red lingerie and leather jacket with red lipstick
woman with dirty blonde hair and red lipstick wearing red lingerie with black garter belt and stockings and leather jack
woman wearing diamond suit body stocking with red  panties and black high heels
silhouoette of plus size short haired woman posing in corset and underwear against window with vertical blinds