I’ve always had pets. They’ve ranged from the every day black stray kitten taken in as a 10 year old, to the exotic, 13 ft olive python named Abby (after the NCIS character, because she was beautiful, sweet and just a little dangerous), and lots of mammals and reptiles in between.

Until 2014. I didn’t enjoy that year at all. I found myself without any sort of companion animal. And I was lonely. Lonely to the point of depression. Working mostly from home means that I spend many hours without interacting with anyone or anything. I don’t cope well with that.

Enter Minerva. Minerva MacGonakitty. Named after the Harry Potter professor played by Maggie Smith, one of my favourite British actresses.

Maine Coon cats seem to be born with the instinct to turn up the cute factor whenever there is a camera around.

Minerva is a Maine Coon cross Ragdoll, we rescued her from a crazy cat lady. Don’t get me wrong. This lady LOVED her cats, and they loved her in return. But she had far too many. We counted 15 adult cats when we visited. All living indoors, none desexed. Her large and beautiful home smelt of cats. Not because she wasn’t clean, far from it. Simply because there were too many. She had decided to downsize and was selling all her kittens to pay for desexing the adults. 

We were glad to help her, and Minerva picked us, using my daughter as a climbing wall. So home she came. Her parents were beautifully natured, and very well looked after. Her father is a blue tabby Maine Coon and her mother is a gold tabby Maine Coon/Ragdoll cross.

Minerva is settling in well. She loves people and goes looking for them if she can’t find anyone. She loves her toys, purrs at the slightest touch and generally has us all wrapped around her tiny paw.

But enough words. Here’s some kitty pictures! Yes, no longer being allergy friendly is a small price to pay for having this darling in our lives. I am sure you will see her in future behind the scenes adventures.

sleepy kitty, happy kitty

Laying claim to the studio chaise. She’s since chosen my office chair as her favourite place to spend the day.

far cuter than any button.