Ms T, A bombshell in disguise

Whenever I change things up in the studio, I hold a giveaway among my fans, because they deserve to be the first to try out the new look.

Ms T has been a supporter of mine since the very beginning, and I was thrilled when she won this giveaway. With two young children and a full time job, she doesn't get much time to really spoil herself.

Every other day she is a mum/wife/worker, but this day she was a supermodel! Champagne, gourmet nibbles, hair do, luxury makeover, and full studio wardrobe to choose from. We really gave the Chaise lounge and the new picture frame wall a good workout, and every pose was fire! Her classic beauty and the vintage glamour of gold lace and black stiletto heels gave us a gorgeous vibe for this session and I proudly have a framed print on display as one of my personal favourites.

Those beautiful eyes, luscious lips and long legs were posed to perfection, while we laughed and sipped our bubbly.

Leaving with a spring in her step and a gleam in her eye, I am sure hubby was just as grateful that she won!