It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to work with the incredible Stace Adams. Her schedule conflicted with my hospital visits, then there was the studio revamp, but FINALLY we organised a session, and it was, as expected, absolutely glorious!

Because we are using these sessions to also document Stace’s transition, we have a different theme or style for each one, but this time, we simply couldn’t choose between Glamour or Lolita, and as it had been so long, we decided to go all out and do both, and I am SO glad we did!

Laura from Visionary Alchemy provided both styles of hair and makeup, she just delights in working with Stace’s beautiful hair (and I am so jealous of it’s lush thickness that I can’t be allowed near it, for fear of crying), and as you can see, her creativity ensured the perfect look for each theme. We are so lucky to have her services, although that may change soon as she get’s more and more work for special effects, which is her first love.

We moved ALL the studio things around to get the right feel for these images, and as it was such a lovely day outside, we decided to experiment with natural light as well. The studio is NOT blessed with the beautiful large windows that I used to have, so I had expected to never be able to use natural light again, but thanks to the quality of my new camera, and my love of the beautiful soft hazy grain of old time film photography, we captured some beautiful images.