Sorry for another ‘what to wear’ post, but boudoir and some of the more intimate glamour sessions really do seem to have my lovely customers a little undecided for what to bring along, and with the Valentines day specials really piling up the bookings, I thought I would help you out with some more hints and ideas.

 Let me re-assure each and every one of you – our studio has a range of beautiful lingerie in sizes 6-24, all the pieces are chosen to be flattering and flirty, and there are even a few that are downright sexy. Each piece is soaked in antibacterial liquid and then dried in sunlight after each and every use, and we are always shopping for new pieces, so the chances are that if you choose something, it will still have a price tag on it.

Here is the lovely (but sadly lacking in curves) Miss Dolly modelling some of our lovely pieces.

Size 12 with G string bottom and soft cup

Size 18 with matching G string

But, of course, it’s natural that you want to bring some things that are personal, or maybe you just want an excuse to go shopping in that sweet little lingerie shop that’s just opened. What a great idea, and will give you images that will be filled with wonderful memories when you look at them in the future. 

Client’s own outfit – a gift from her husband.

No matter what sort of body you have, I will lay dollars to donuts that there is something about it that you don’t like – that’s fine! Boudoir photography is all about you showing off the bits that you LOVE, celebrate those curves, that amazing cleavage, your toned and stunning legs, your long shiny hair.. think about it and make a list of what you DO like about you, that will help you decide what you want to show off in your pictures. Pick an outfit that plays up that feature, I promise, you will love the rest of you when you see your images if you do this.

Celebrate your individual style – we have plenty of pinup outfits and accessories to help you out.

Now that you have an idea of what asset you want to showcase, make sure that the outfit you choose FITS that asset beautifully. Here is the best advice I can give – DO NOT LOOK at the size tag. They differ SO much from brand to brand to style to store, it’s impossible. If you are normally a 14, but that gives you a couple of lumps on your hips, buy a 16, and we can pin it back just enough to skim and enhance your curves beautifully – no one will ever know what size you were wearing, and I guarantee that you look a size smaller if your clothing skims rather than clings in some places.

Our super pretty size 18 outfit pictured previously on a size 12-14 client, because she has a large bust, so we fitted the bust, and pinned back the rest – doesn’t it look gorgeous!

I suggest you bring 3 absolute favourite different outfits, not all lingerie, and we can create more looks by using bits and pieces from the studio wardrobe, which is included in the price of your session. But it’s important to remember COLOUR is key. All black is quite boring in photographs, and our beautiful boudoir studio has black and gold satin and damask manchester, so you would be quite lost on it. If you are treating yourself to a special shopping trip, consider going for some of the amazing bright colours that are available now, they will pop against your skin and really enhance your body. Romantic pastels are another amazing choice for creating gorgeous boudoir images.

The stunning Katy Hollywood rocks Hot pink in our black and gold boudoir suite. Hair, makeup and styling by Images with Carol

So, here’s a top ten list of what looks great in a boudoir setting, with some ideas and some notes. Remember, whatever you choose, it’s important that it’s comfortable, and that you feel attractive in it. If you aren’t sure, contact me and ask! I have a lot of experience making many different bodies look amazing, and I would love to give you some help and advice to make your session fun and unforgettable. But remember, EVERYONE has a different version of sexy, so pick and choose what you want from this list, and call me for advice anytime after you book your session

10. Pretty cocktail length dress. Boudoir isn’t ALL about lingerie, it’s about feeling flirty and sexy and confident. A dress is also a great first outfit if you are feeling a little shy about your boudoir shoot in the beginning. Even though this dress is more pinup than cocktail, you can see how well it works here for feminine flirty

The stunning Miss J in her own Hellbunny wiggle dress – makeup by Images with Carol

9. A knitted cardigan or T Shirt. Doesn’t sound boudoir does it? But OH MY!! an OVERSIZED and longer than average cardigan can really turn the temperature up if it’s over the shoulder, pulled down a little at the front. In this image of Bo Peep Doll, we have used a Tshirt to get the same effect. Chunky knits, lacy knits, they both work well.

So much amazing pink hair, one of my favourite images of Bo Peep Doll.

8. Corset – NOTHING will give you better curves – ooh la LA! These marvels of intimate engineering have been popular for hundreds of years with good reason. They create the perfect hourglass figure if you don’t have one, or they really REALLY show it off if you do. We keep a large range of pretty corsets in the studio, and would happy to show you what a difference they can make, check the before and after photo below of Miss M.

The beautiful Ms M in our studio. Rocking one of the studio wardrobe corsets with those ooh la la curves.

7. Babydolls – SO flirty, romantic and sexy, all at the same time. They flatter every body shape, and we keep a range of beautiful lacy semi sheers in lots of different sizes and colours in the studio wardrobe.

The beautifully curvy Lily Paige rocking her babydoll and her favourite assets

6. Bra and Knickers – Splurge on something so pretty it takes your breath away (and take the opportunity to be properly fitted at the same time) or check the studio wardrobe, where I do keep a range in several sizes. A coloured or patterned bra looks gorgeous with plain knickers if you can’t find a set that you like too. 

Miss J steaming up the studio with one of our bra sets and shoes combination

5. Nothing – that’s right, nada, zip, zero – NO clothing – it’s the cheapest option, and we can do an implied nude that will take your breath away, using shadows and sheets and wraps to artfully keep the important bits and pieces to the imagination.

Beautiful studio wardrobe stilettoes really are all you need to wear sometimes.

4. Scarves, wraps and shawls. Like number 5, these can be used to imply nudity, to hide your least favourite bits while showing off your favourites and can be a LOT of fun to twirl around with.

Miss J again, wrapped in delicate scarves from our studio wardrobe

3. Bridal whites or ivories. If you are having a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift to your husband (and it also makes an AMAZING anniversary gift if you are already married), why not indulge in a set of white or cream lace, suspenders and stockings and a veil?? we have veils if you wish to borrow one, and suspenders and a complete plus size bridal set in white as well.

Trash Dolls Model, Bo Peep Doll rocking our Marilyn tutu with a simple white bra.

2. Something from your other half. If this session is a gift for your partner, consider bringing in an item that they might wear to work, perhaps a shirt or even a jacket. Paired with a matching coloured OR nude bra and panty set, it will make an amazing surprise when they see the images and recognise it. We have several ideas for different professions, so just ask us!

Ms D spicing up a gorgeous saville row shirt from the studio wardrobe

1. Accessories – these are the most fun, and can really zing up an outfit. Our studio wardrobe has AMAZING high heels in many sizes, but if you have a favourite pair, bring them. Stockings – we suggest you bring your own, although we do have some to choose from, particularly gorgeous retro seamed stockings. Gloves – oh, how sexy and retro are long gloves. If you have a favourite pair, we would love to see them, if not, we can help. Flower clips, in the hair, these are truly romantic and we stock a range in different colours, but again, bring a favourite, or buy a new one to keep as a memento! Spectacles, don’t forget your reading glasses if you have them, or if your partner has a spare pair, the sexy librarian look will ALWAYS get hearts racing.

Katy Hollywood looking elegant AND sexy in our studio gloves, flower and marilyn tutu combination.

SO, there it is, a great inspiration list to make amazing images. I hope you are inspired to create beautiful romantic and flirty pictures now, and if you are, CALL ME, our boudoir shoots are SO much fun!

Next post, tips on where to go shopping!