Ice Cream, we were craving it. Not just any icecream of course, but N2 liquid nitrogen icecream from Brunswick. Now, this is a REAL treat for us. It’s quite a drive, parking isn’t the best (or so we thought) and to be honest, it’s not cheap, and we have to be very aware of the novelty syringes that come with the gorgeous fudge. Those all too often end up on the sidewalk, which upsets other shop owners. so we are VERY careful to take ours home

But, we do still love to head to N2, so, one saturday night, after sitting around doing face charts and discussing upcoming themes, suddenly the thought popped into everyone’s head simultaneously. Let’s get dressed up, and head out to N2!

Even better, we found a gorgeous open air car park decorated with amazing street art, and it was almost empty – win! Our intrepid mad hatter and his companion investigated all the amazing imagery and chose their favourites to pose with.

Flavours?? Honestly, no one remembers, but we do remember LOVING them!

The menu at N2 changes regularly, so we highly recommend liking their facebook page or checking their website for the current offerings.

Ice cream, amazing street art, and dressed up friends, what a great way to spend saturday night