BFF Boudoir??

The Ultimate Girls Day In (or Out). This was our first, and it was FABULOUS!

Picture a country property, MILES off the beaten track, a group of women who really just want to have fun and uplift and empower each other. Add a professional makeup artist, a boudoir photographer, some FREEZING cold weather and a paddock full of cows. Yes, you read that right, cows.

J had loved the inhome boudoir session we did earlier in the year, and some of our shots were done in the shearing shed on her property. It's AWESOME, so we decided to organise a group session. We chose July, not sure if that was a mistake or if it helped!

A group of SEVEN incredible women, all shapes and sizes jumped at the opportunity to spend the day together, Celebrating themselves and each other. The incredibly talented Blushed Beauty By Taryn agreed to work her makeup magic, everyone brought a plate of food and drink, and I arrived with a car filled to the brim with fun props to play with.

We laughed, oh, HOW we laughed! Everyone was so enthusiastic to get their Boudoir mood on! So many ideas were thrown out onto the table and joyously taken up - no one wanted to be left out of the fun. A little hesitant at first, until they realised that everyone was in the same boat, the ladies just jumped in and ran with all the crazy stuff we thought up. I don't think I have ever been prouder to be a part of a group of women.

It was COLD. In fact, it didn't get above 7 degrees ALL DAY, and it started to sleet at the end.. Did anyone care?? Not particularly.

We jumped between angel wings, wedding dresses, flowing skirts, lingerie, shotguns (NOT loaded), and skimpy SKIMPY underwear. The finale was an in your face celebration of womanhood, with a gorgeous group shot of beautiful behinds, waiving bras and hats in the air in a defiant gesture to modern beauty myths. It's my favourite photo EVER and I intend to get it printed HUGE for display at expos.

Thank you ladies, you inspired me, my VIP customers, my fans and every person who I have proudly shown these images to.