Neeners goes visiting

Jade loves snakes, but she'd never met Neeners, so when I decided to offer a very limited number of in home sessions, Jade was first to say yes!

Jade really went to town ordering snakeskin themed accessories for her session, and they look amazing!

Neeners is a spotted python, she's indigenous to northern Australia, so we keep her in a large enclosure that's always warm and humid. At 16, she's quite advanced in years. Spotted pythons are VERY easy to handle, in fact they are recommended for beginners as a first snake, and Neeners loves to come out and play with us or with other people, she will explore your neck and hair with glee, and wrap herself around your hand and look at you with her gorgeous dark eyes.

If you are interested in a session with Neeners, they are only available via booking, or at our mini sessions twice a hear, so contact us HERE and l will get back to you within 24 hours to organise your own unique snake session!

Now, onto the awesome pictures!

blonde woman in lingerie running hands up legs
long haired woman posing in lingerie and long fingernails running hands up fishnet stockings on legs
long haired brunette holding small python in front of mirror
high heeled snakeskin laceup boot worn by woman with python wrapped around ankle
topless woman in snakeskin bikini bottom posing with small python
high heel snakeskin laceup boots with small python wrapped around woman's ankles