the first look

Janelle and Keiron were on a tight budget for their wedding, so we suggested to do a first look and get all of the formal photos out of the way before the ceremony, and for them not to have a photographer at their very casual and relaxed reception.

We didn't count on the conservatory, which they had booked a year in advance, not being available due to damage. Rainy weather was a real concern to Janelle, but we always overcome. A handful of tickets to Captain Cooks Cottage (our treat), after confirming with the staff, and we had a gorgeous first look!

kere kere green cafe

We were SO lucky that the spot Janelle and Keiron had chosen was close to this awesome cafe. The amazing staff were happy to let us shelter there between showers, and the hot chocolate and coffee were DELICIOUS, even by Melbourne standards. The lovely attentive staff were awesome at keeping our morale high as we pondered a VERY rainy wedding, I wish I could have coffee there every day

incredible wedding party

Janelle and Keiron were surrounded with love and friendship, as well as laughter and joy. We knew some of their bridal party from previous weddings (as well as Janelle and Keiron!), so it was like catching up with old friends!

photobombers ahead

One of the joys of that many couples face when getting married in a public park is photo bombers, and Janelle and Keiron had the cutest and friendliest ever! See if you can spot them

a beautiful sunset

Incredibly, the rain mostly held off for their sunset ceremony, with just a slight sprinkle, but the wedding party had it all under control, and it was umbrellas at the ready! A few more 'just married' photos, and they were off to their new home in Mill Park for a casual dinner and a wedding cake made of pavlova (Welsh born Keiron's second favourite thing about Australia, after Janelle!).

Janelle and Keiron, both Chris and I had an AWESOME time capturing the love and the joy of your gorgeous wedding, we can't wait to see you at the future weddings of some of your friends.