another postponement

What do you do when you REALLY want to get married, but are worried about border closures during a pandemic??

You postpone and wait, you cross your fingers, you cry, then you decide to go ahead and do it with whoever can make it.

Jessica and Taylor postponed, they waited, they cried, then their interstate friends and family encouraged them to downsize and get married anyway. After all, they would have photos to look at to relive the excitement and emotion of the day, and they could look at those for years to come.

SO they did just that.

Fortunately, their wedding attendants could all still come and stand beside them, along with their parents. Jessica felt that if either set of parents were there, it wouldn't feel 'real' as they were her most important people. Downsizing meant that there was more time to spend with them, and both she and Taylor saw that as a bonus.

Of course, their family and friends interstate were missed dreadfully, and a friend livestreamed for them, so that everyone could cheer once they had said "I DO". They included absent guests not only in their vows, but also in seating arrangements, with empty spaces for many of them deliberately left.

But once Jessica's dad had walked her down the aisle, well, nothing could stop the smiles and the love from radiating from them, and the rest of the day was like a wonderful dream.

A simple family lunch at the Marnong Estate restaurant finished the day and the happy couple are looking forward to when borders open and they can visit interstate family for another celebration.