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 Expanding my range to include maternity photography has been such a wonderful challenge. Sometimes I’m roaming around in the great outdoors – which has me literally rolling on the ground getting the best shots – and sometimes I shoot in the private sanctuary of TDA Studios, where the lighting is always perfect and there are zero distractions from the rest of the world.  

 My recent maternity shoot with Jess, also known as Miss Fairy Floss, was the latter scenario, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to be able to photograph this awesome part of her life. I've photographed Jess on a number of other occasions, and you have probably seen the blogs for them, but this was so very special. The studio was quiet and calm, Jess brought her mum along and we had a great chat. To top it all off, we created these insanely gorgeous images, which Jess and Daniel will be able to look back on and treasure in years to come.

Jess has a gorgeous style and has built a popular brand around it, so she did her own hair and makeup, and as always, looked absolutely smashing! She chose to take advantage of my expanding maternity wardrobe, and chose blue gowns to show off her gorgeous eyes, with three totally different styles, one that shows off her amazing bump, and one for over the top glamour! Then we decided to try out our new cloud set, which is perfect with our giant feather wings and white gown, how stunning does her amazing pink hair look here! We even managed to get Jess's beautiful mother in for a picture, it's easy to see where Jess get's her babe style from!

Since these were taken Jess has welcomed a gorgeous little boy who has mummy's beautiful blue eyes. I hear he's absolutely perfect, and love seeing photos of him on her facebook feed.

If you are interested in a maternity session, don't forget, your time is limited, so get in touch NOW so that we can chat about your perfect maternity memories and how we can pamper and spoil you like you deserve.

tattooed pregnant woman with pink hair wearing blue lace gown posing against white brick wall
tattooed pregnant woman with pink hair poses against brick wall caption read I knew  I loved you before I met you
tattooed pregnant woman with pink hair and blue eyes wearing white sheer gown poses with mother both haven hands on her
tattooed pregnant woman  with pink hair and blue eyes in dark blue lace gown posing on gold chair with white curtains
full length view of tattooed pregnant woman in blue gown posing on boudoir chair with plants and curtains
tattooed pregnant woman with pink hair wearing white sheer gown and feather wings posing on clouds golden light
pregnant woman with pink hair wearing lace and pale blue tulle gown reclining on cream chaise
close up of pink haired woman with rose tattoo wearing white sheer gown and large feather wings
full length view of pregnant woman with pink hair and tattoos posing on clouds
pregnant woman in boudoir setting she has pink hair and tattoos and is wearing a white lace and blue tulle gown