cue the sultry music!

Laura, what can I say! She's a professional model who blows me away every time we get to work together. Breathtaking, dazzling, stunning and Voluptuous, sure! But she's so much more! Creative, open minded, elegant and she oozes confidence which is just so damn sexy!

This session was photographed at TDA studios, an entire house in Moorabbin, given over to photography. So many different looks and styles, and all reserved for us!

woman in red dress and black bra posing seductively on chaise lounge
Woman in red dress and visible black bra posing on chaise and looking up at camera while running fingers through hair
tattooed woman in red gown leaning into vintage style  mirror and applying red lipstick
blonde woman with tattoos posing in red gown for sexy photo
tattooed blonde woman in red evening gown looking into vintage camera glamour style photography

Because we have collaborated before, there wasn't much nervousness before this session, just excitement and ideas flying back and forth. We decided to go for an ultra glam style, reminiscent of the golden days of Hollywood, and Laura sure as hell nailed that look! We made the most of both a sexy red gown, with just a peep of black lingerie showing, SO scandalous! And then Laura whipped out an incredible Gold glitter number that had me seeing stars!

Laura's advice for an awesome session?? Trust yourself, you can do this! Step outside your comfort zone, you will regret it if you don't.

Now, let's see some more pictures!

blonde woman in gold gown posing in front of fireplace
blonde woman in evening gown posing in antique style chair beauty photography
tattooed blonde woman in evening gown posing on chaise lounge
blonde woman in evening gown and hat posing for camera cheesecake pinup style
tattooed blonde woman in evening gown posed seductively laying on cushions and looking at camera