It all began at a larp

Right now you are either thinking "but what's a LARP??", or you are grinning and nodding your head because you have found your tribe. If you are one of the first group, let me explain. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing, and it's a LOT of fun. Imagine a Festival where everyone thinks they are a Vampire, or a character in Lord of the Rings, or maybe a Jayne Austen novel, and they are playing out the story. See, I said it was fun!!!

Travis and Lisa met at a LARP, Travis' character got down on one knee and declared his undying love for Lisa's character. Plot twist, this was Lisa's first LARP, and she'd met Travis (who she thought was pretty good looking) only three minutes before! Not to be outdone after the declaration, she breathlessly announced to all an sundry that she and Travis had been having a long standing passionate affair, and had decided to go public! Travis blinked and looked at Lisa with newly opened eyes, here was a woman he definitely wanted to get to know better.

One thing led to another, and many LARPS, geeky events, nerdy friends and their first together house later, the subject of marriage came up. They agreed it was a good idea and left it to be tabled later. After a couple of weeks, Travis asked if 'the thing we talked about a little while ago' was still good, and when Lisa affirmed that it was, indeed, good, a date was set. Chris and I were thrilled to be asked to photograph this epic wedding, and not only because we knew that it WOULD be epic, but we have so many friends in common with this wonderful couple, that we fully expected the party to be amazingly fun for us too!

Overnewton Castle was chosen, not only for it's incredible looks and great atmosphere, but also for it's accessibility for mobility challenged friends and family. We advised that the service and menu were flawless, and plans went ahead. Even though they decided to get ready separately with their tribes, a first look was definitely on the agenda, and being one of our favourite parts of a wedding day, we were happy to oblige.

All of the sparkle

Of course the first look went off without a hitch, and we made it even more special by suggesting that they also have a reveal of themselves as a couple to their wonderful wedding party and Lisa's parents. It was SO wonderful to see their faces as they came around the doorway, not knowing what the other party had in store!

As a partnership of equals, Lisa and Travis had each chosen their own colour scheme for themselves and their attendants. Lisa's whole world know that her dress would be purple and sparkly, and it did NOT disappoint! The eleganceof her custom made gown was only enhanced by pockets (Yes, it had POCKETS!). Her attendants looks SO marvellous in their deep purple gowns standing with her.

Travis, on the other hand, chose red and black as his theme, and he REALLY immersed himself into styling his ensemble. The wonderfully creative Lyris Design took Travis' ideas and created the perfect elegant outfit, while his attendants used matching accents on their own attire. Much chuckling ensued when the celebrant Ray Galea, arrived, and was found to be colour matching as well!

the ceremony

If there's one thing you can guarantee at a costume lover's wedding, it is that the guests will look AMAZING, and they absolutely did not disappoint.

The vows were incredible, with Travis repeating word for word his awesome declaration of love from their first meeting, including rending a red rose and tossing petals into the air.. Lisa's words were heartfelt and so beautiful that at one stage, I had to put my camera down and wipe away a tear of joy. A quick wander around the gorgeous grounds, because truly, April is the perfect time of year to get married, and then it was into the party.

With the Muppet show them as the wedding party entrance, a tango for the first dance and Wierd Al's "Jurassic Park" as the father daughter dance, the tone was set for the ultimate nerdy wedding reception.

Top that with stabbing the wedding cake with a dagger, having a topper that is custom made to represent the first two characters you played as a couple, and a bouquet toss to the tune of "Toss a Coin to your Witcher" and this is one geek wedding that will stay on top of our list for a long long time!