what's an ambassador

If you are in our VIP GROUP you would have seen our recent Brand Ambassador search. An ambassador is a person who promotes our business, not only to family and friends, but also across social media, and helps us create new content and practice new techniques. In return, they receive free images and a free collection valued at over $2,500.

This is the first time we've had an official Brand Ambassador, and there was quite a bit of competition. But in the end, the gorgeous and incredible Jade was our winner. Jade emboides our values of inclusivity, body positivity and embracing your sexual self, so she was perfect.

boudoir at home

Jade has two young children, so it made sense to have her session at home, so much easier for her, and a great day out for me! I LOVE working with the light in other peoples homes,, and of course, nothing is sexier than seeing images of you being sexy and confident in YOUR loungeroom and YOUR bedroom. Those images are truly unique and will become a more and more cherished memory for you.

Jad is a gamer, so we decided to start with images of her dressed as she does when she is gaming - in her flannelette shirt. I'm sure you will agree that the way she looks certainly proves that sexy is a state of mind, not what you wear! Of course, we got into lingerie pretty quickly, as Jade does love her lacy collection!

Even though Jade has an incredible and gorgeous lingerie collection, she decided to make use of some of the special pieces from our studio wardrobe, falling in love with a pair of ur pleasers pole sandals, one of our steel boned corsets, a pair of cuffs and a couple of other goodies.

The chance to mix and match your outfits with ours really opens up the variety of images you can expect, and gives you a chance to spoil yourself with high end goodies that you may not normally be able to justify, or to dip your to into a new obsession!

We'd love to help you bring that inner goddess out for admiration and worshipping, so please, contact us here to see how we can give you a day of pampering and create some amazing art of you, FOR you!