perfect autumn weather

Melissa and Mark planned their wedding for Autumn, because the weather is almost reliably amazing in Victoria. Almost

Clear skies, check.

Warm sunshine, check

Stiff breeze, check. Wait, what??

Yep, good old autumn winds struck the day of their outdoor wedding. But it just made everything more beautiful in the long run. Selina and I were thrilled with their stunning blue and white colour scheme, so fresh and vibrant! The guys looked incredible getting ready, even if they weren't actually comfortable in suits!

a family affair

With two adorable children of their own, and a gorgeous niece, children were a large part of this wedding and marriage. and they truly added a sense of wonder and delight to the day. Selina had a great time capturing their details, then it was time to leave epping and head to the lovely Edwardes Lake Park in Reservoir where the groom and guests were waiting.

young girl in white cardigan holds flower girls dress up to look at it with wedding decorations in background
white bridal sandles with blue glittr rose bouquet sitting on shelf in front of window
blonde girl in long dark blue dress fixes wedding dress strap on blonde tattooed bride
blonde woman in red floral dress helps bride in white gown put on wedding sandals
blonde woman in red floral dress hugging flowergirl in long white dress with white cardigan and flower crown in loungero
young blonde girl with pigtails wearing red velvet dress dances in front of floor mirror
bonde bride with ahir updo looking at blue glitter rose flowers seen through prism
wedding party in blue  sitting in limousine and smiling and drinking champagne

the ceremony

I'm not sure who was more excited for Melissa to arrive, because her son came running to the limousine for a hug as soon as he saw it pull up, The beautifully decorated ceremony by All 4 Divasfluttered in the breeze, and the lovely shady gazebo was filled with incredible moments of smiles, just one or two happy tears and the loudest cheer I have ever heard at a first kiss! While the guests congratulated Melissa and Mark, and then headed off to the reception, we had a great time capturing candid moments and lots more smiles, EVERYONE was happy to see this couple married.

blonde bride in summer wedding dress sitting in limousine smiles at young son in vest and shirt while best man looks on
wedding party in blue dresses carrying blue and white glitter roses walking down path with flowergirl in white dress
women in dark blue dresses and diamante sandals walking on grass carrying blue and white glitter rose bouquets
blonde woman in white casual wedding gown and diamante sandals walking across park on arm of woman in red floral dress
blonde bride in casual gown standing on red carpet runner laughing with groom in grey suit during wedding
bride and groom standing in front of white decorated arbour with celebrant in blue floral top reading vows while they
blonde bride in summer dress smiling at groom in pale grey suit as he places wedding ring on her finger
blonde woman in causal white wedding dress about to kiss brunette groom in pale grey suit as they embrace
bride in casual white wedding dress and carrying blue glitter rose bouquet walks down red carpet aisle with groom
causally dressed bride and groom in pale grey suit embrace on path in park melbourne reservoir wedding

time to parrrrtttaaaaaayyyy!

Melissa and Mark LOVE to dance, so their reception at Coolaroo Hotel Function Centre was filled with incredible music and amazing dance moves. They even created the choreography to their first dance themselves.

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