I had my first MINI session marathon about a week ago.

Much fun. So excite. Very Pretty. Good times.

We went with a pinup clothing theme and the lovely people who came along got to choose from a selection of hell bunny, H&R, Vixen and Spin Doctor that I had been sourcing for the studio wardrobe for a while. I REALLY need a bigger storage space for my studio wardrobe!

Here is the lovely Ms E, looking so sultry and sexy. This is one of my favourite images from the shoot.

I really do love the light in my studio. The profusion of lace curtaining diffuses it SO nicely and it just wraps around the clients and finds all the flattering ways to show them off.

So, what’s a mini session, I hear you ask. 

Well, it’s a pared down version of our full studio experience. Some people are a little daunted by spending several hours having photos taken, and some just want a few images. It’s also a great way to try different styles of image without having to pay for a large amount of photos. They are shorter in time, and have less images to choose from. Often we will include a special bonus of framed prints, so they are perfect for gift giving, as the cost is all inclusive.

Like all of our sessions, a full face makeover is included, either with our makeup artist, or with myself (I am almost finished training!). Typically we don’t include a hair makeover, as that is one of the longest parts of preparing for a session. You can arrange a hairdressing appointment beforehand, as we often announce them with several weeks notice, or you can style your own hair if you are more comfortable with that.

Themes are often part of our mini sessions, in this case, it was Pinup clothing, we plan to hold a lingerie mini session, another pinup theme, as this one sold out so fast, a couples theme and a mother/daughter theme as well. We may include seasonal themes depending on interest. Wardrobe IS provided, but you are always welcome to bring your own outfits and accessories. In fact we encourage it.

The fixed price of a mini session does NOT mean that you don’t get a choice of images. We go through the images WITH you after your session and pick out your absolute favourites. Then a week or so later, we take you out for coffee, show you all of your final images, and you choose your digital and print package from that. Of course, several people have loved EVERY image, and so we will put together a very special bonus package for those who simply must have them all.

So there, you have it, a full rundown on mini sessions – doesn’t it make you want one!