I LOVE supporting good causes, local people raising money for something that will help another in the community, or even a whole section of the community.  

I give gift vouchers out as often as I am asked, I always make sure the vouchers are very generous, and they let me meet some AMAZING people with similar ideals.  It’s a win for everyone.

Miss B won a gift voucher in a fundraiser for a local girl to live her dream.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be able to help someone take the first steps on that road.  

But, back to Miss B. On her arrival in the studio I gasped out loud, that beautiful hair!  And oh, those glorious eyes.  I always look at people’s eyes, they draw me in and I can tell instantly whether we will get on or not.  Miss B was going to be an absolute delight to work with, and someone I would love getting to know better, I knew it in my heart.

Classic style and Hollywood glamour, that was the perfect fit for this photo session.  Miss B has only just started university, and is studying to be a teacher, a profession I admire SO much, as I know how much dedication and soul goes into it.  She brought along her favourite fun dress and her gorgeous evening gown from her Senior Formal dance, both were beautiful and set the tone for the rest of the morning.

So very beautiful and glamourous. I love seeing young women come out of their shell and the light in their eyes when they realise the power and beauty of their youth.

Long, loose and wild curls were decided upon, and a dark glamorous eye makeup using Inglot and Lime Crime products completed the look on her beautiful skin.  Then it was into the fun part.

Miss B was kind enough to let me try a new style that my fingers have been itching to practice, and with her mother’s help, we blew her hair around like crazy, nearly falling over laughing, but capturing some amazing moments that they will both treasure for years to come.  The images aren’t technically perfect, as you would expect from a first time, but they were absolute favourites by the time we were finished.

Excitement and fun, just what a photo session should be.

Later, over coffee and music at the amazing Creme Cafe, favourites were chosen, with the help of her gorgeous boyfriend, and I was thrilled when the absolute favourite was the same as the image I had picked out.  This will grace the studio samples just as soon as I print it out, so look for it whenever you are next visiting.

Classic beauty and timeless elegance, balanced perfectly in one image.

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