absolutely no need to be nervous

Entering a giveaway for a boudoir photo session was NOT on P's radar when she came to a bridal expo with her fiancé. Finding a venue for their wedding was top of the list, and if they needed it, catering

But he is WONDERFUL, he adores her and wants to give her the confidence that she deserves, and desperately wants her to see herself the way he sees her, beautiful and perfect in every way. So, I watched him stop and read, then he pulled her over and pointed out the prize and helped her tell her story of not loving herself and needing to overcome her lack of self confidence.

Surprise, she won! How could it be otherwise, when I saw the way they looked at each other. She was ecstatic when I rang, but she sounded nervous, and when I asked, she admitted she was shaking with the thought of her session. It broke my heart to remember her lovely smile and think that she didn't love herself, so we set her session for VERY soon, so she couldn't back out and miss it.

P has incredible eyes, and as I mentioned, a lovely smile, and that's what struck me when I arrived at her place, grazing platter and prosecco in hand. We spent some time chatting during her hair and makeup session (oh, how I LOVED playing with her eyes), and discovered that she simply didn't think she was pretty because magazines are always full of much prettier women. GAH!!! I HATE modern beauty standards, they are a MYTH, they are pretty much unattainable, and they destroy women constantly. DO NOT READ BEAUTY MAGAZINES!

So, I showed her the back of the camera a few times as I encouraged her to become more comfortable with her body, and by the end of our session, P was walking taller, looking me in the eye instead of downcast, and looking forward to seeing her images and showing her wonderful fiancé. I am SO proud to have been able to help her on her journey to self love and to show her the perfection that is herself.

Of course, he loved them all, and chose a large metal print to hang over his desk at home, and a mobile app so that he could see her beauty whenever he wanted. BRAVO! I wish you both a lifetime of happily ever after, and I am sure that the two of you are soulmates for life.