wedding on a boat

Dan and Joe decided to have a party on a boat for their wedding. FANTASTIC! Queen M Celebrations not only decorated the WHOLE boat, Meg was one of the guests of honour and took part in the beautiful rainbow sand ceremony.

How wonderful is it to have a gorgeous reminder like a carafe of sand to look back on and know that with each colour comes not only acceptance, respect, love, equality, congratulations, delight and well wishes, but also the memories of your awesome wedding day.

getting ready

Of course, the day didn't START on the Victoria Star (A former Sydney ferry). Both Grooms and their children chose the Pan Pacific Hotel and booked a suite for the preparations, which included hair and makeup by my friend Alice, who does an incredible job, I am sure you will agree. Then it was into a water taxi and out to Star, where all their family and friends had boarded and were waiting, what a GREAT way to arrive!

party all night long

One of the awesome parts of a wedding on a boat is that the party is SO big.. it just moves around from deck to deck, and everyone gets caught up in the wonderful atmosphere.

So, party pictures next! And CAKE! Incredible cake!

the newlyweds

Of course, you can't dance ALL night long (or can you?!), so eventually, as the sun set over Port Phillip Bay, the happy couple snuck away for some quiet time, and some photos with their HILARIOUS and loving families.

THEN more dancing, until, finally, time for the boat to dock and the honeymoon to start.