Specifically, wedding music.

I’ve been photographing a few weddings lately, and that means being surrounded by music that has been so carefully planned, thought over and changed several times.

And STILL I get asked ‘what do you think would have been a good song for XXXX??

SO, I put on my thinking hat, and asked a LOT of people, and came up with some great songs for every part of your wedding day.

This is a LONG list, so I will be splitting it up into one blog post for each part of the day, with the links are all to youtube, so the clips may not be very “wedding’ oriented, but they should be viewable in every country, and they should also fit pretty much ANY awesome wedding, from small and private, through to a big shindig with all the bells and whistles.

Did I leave out your favourite?? Let me know in comments!


wedding bouquet with silver jewellery melbourne wedding photography

Whether you are preparing for your wedding at home, your parent’s place, a swanky hotel, or even in the change room at the local pub (I’ve been there and done that!), here’s some tunes for your playlist (I use spotify in the studio) that will help set the mood…

The Muppets – Somebody’s getting married

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – And then he kissed me

Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent

Samuel E Wright – Kiss the girl

Pixies – Here comes your man

Colbie Caillat – I do

Carlie Rae Jepson – I really like you

The Dixie Cups – Going to the chapel

Rihanna ft Clavin Harris – We found love

Bruno Mars – Marry you

Ray La Montagne – You are the best thing

Whitney Houston – I want to dance with somebody

The Smashing Pumpkins – Today

So, there’s the beginning of a playlist for the start of your day. If you are already married, did you choose any of these??

Bride in robe looking at wedding gown vintage style elopement meloburne wedding photography

Your music should reflect your style, this vintage loving bride had a day of Frank Sinatra

Next post will have some unique and individual songs for your walk down the aisle, traditionally known as ‘the processional’, want to guess what some of those might be??