lockdown again

I'll be honest, this is getting tough. As a creative soul, not being allowed to work is really hard to cope with. I don't disagree that lockdown needs to happen for the health of the community, and these are definitely unprecedented times. I've tried photographing still life and various wedding related items such as rings and invitations, and that's been a great stop gap, but I really REALLY miss photographing people!

Enter web cam sessions!!

woman in green bodysuit and ankle jewellery posing beside mirror
woman in green bodysuit posing under pink neon light sitting on plinth with legs in air
redhead woman posing in corner and looking at camera while running fingers through hair
woman holding coffee cup while sitting crosslegged on bench and smiling wearing blue robe
plus size woman wearing lace bodysuit posing seductively on lounge
plus size woman in teal lingerie posing seductively on bed with sunlight

its a bit different

What I LOVE about webcam or phone sessions is that I can get super creative in post production. The low resolution images lend themselves to painterly style, graphic manipulation and various other photoshop techniques that I don't often get to try out.

The women in these photos tell me they LOVE the fun and laughs we have, trying to do all of this via long distance (Australia to Canada in some cases!), The sessions are short, but loaded with giggles and straight up rolling on the floor laughing. I have NO idea what I am going to do with the photos that I capture, and they have NO clue what I have captured until they are delivered.

What I HATE is the image quality. Phone camera or laptop webcam is quite low resolution compared to my professional gear, so these can't be printed as large as I would like. In fact, I would never print one larger than 5x7, but that's a small price to pay for the chance to have fun with my clients and give them something to look forward to during these times.

long legged woman in high heels and short robe posing in kitchen with sunflare
plus size woman with red hair wearing lingerie posing seductively on lounge
artistic posing by woman in monochrome implied nude
woman in leotard stretching down to caress legs in corner with plant black and white sketch style
woman in rave corset and studded mask laying on couch and gesturing towards camera black and white
redhead in black leotard posing in corner with legs spread and rainbow light