thanks for nothing covid-19

Winter was awful, Melbourne went into lockdown so many times, and so many weddings were postponed or cancelled at short notice.

Natalie and Chris postponed twice, and then, when a snap lockdown was announced, they eloped in their backyard. Without a photographer.

Spring came, and we were allowed out again, yay!! We all met up at the Alfred Nicholas Gardens on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so that they could have some memories with what should have been their wedding party.

George Sand said "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved", and anyone who spends time with these two incredible people will realise that they are the happiest people on the planet when they are with each other.

bride in burgundy dress stands at gate with bearded groom in kilt
wedding party laughing at joke men in kilts bride in burgundy dress redhead bridesmaid in blue dress
mask wearing alternative bride and groom embracing bride is wearing burgundy dress
alternative wedding party with men in kilts bride in burgundy gown and bridesmaid in dark blue dress
kilted groomsman silly photo with bridesmaid flowers
groom and best man silly photo with wedding ring and bouquets
alternative bride and groom posing at base of large tree bride is wearing burgundy gown groom in kilt
alternative bride and groom sitting in park clearing
bearded best man in kilt and redhead bridesmaid in blue dress holding red bouquet
alternative bride and groom embracing bride in burgundy dress