Olivia and Brad are in love. They have a small family that they adore and life was good. Then Olivia's dad became ill, and it was serious. They decided to move their wedding date so that Olivia could walk down the aisle on his arm, as they'd all dreamed of.

Money was tight on such short notice, but friends and family came to the rescue, and one of them reached out to me to see if I could help. With family in the area, I was grateful of an excuse to travel over, and set their mind at ease, there would be beautiful and meaningful memories of their special day. Our Sweetness package is perfect for intimate weddings or weddings on a tight budget.

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful. Both rings were passed around for every guest to give a blessing and to warm with the love of their hands, by the time they came back to the bride and groom, there were happy tears everywhere.

After what I am SURE was the world's longest first kiss, Olivia and Brad spent some time with their guests, enjoying that 'just married' glow, then off to take some personal photos and then a relaxing dinner by local caterers and another YUMMY cake.

We are SO grateful that we got the chance to create these memories for Oliva and Brad, and if you are in Gippsland and wanting photography, get in touch, we are over there REGULARLY!