Creating an amazing series of portraits is easier with a team. My team consists of a hair and makeup artist (sometimes that’s me, I’ve trained to do it for when my offsiders are not available), my client and myself. However, what you don’t see are all the friends and relatives who modelled for me when I needed to practice a technique or pose, all the tutors who guided me and taught me how to create a great image, and all the fellow professionals who have encouraged and mentored me, often giving extra advice at no charge simply to lift me up.

This brings me to Dawei and Will of Clarte Photography. Primarily wedding photographers, they also run very reasonably priced workshops for beginners and intermediate photographers, teaching techniques such as posing, looking for light in bad conditions, using what’s around you to create stunning photos, how to scout a location and be prepared on the day, etc. I LOVE how generous these guys are with their knowledge and information, and I have attended a number of their workshops.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Dawei has taken an interest in my budding career, offering me assistant positions, allowing me to have input in areas where I do have some knowledge, and then, to my absolute joy, he offered me a hair and makeup job at one of his wedding workshops getting two models ready for his students. I had missed out on attending this workshop, as I was away when registrations opened, and they ALWAYS fill very fast.

Two models from overseas were being used, one blonde and one brunette. I neglected to take a before picture of the beautiful blonde, as we were a little rushed for time, but anyhow, here are my efforts.

Before and after images of some of my hair and makeup work. We discuss styling of both at your complimentary styling session when you book with me.

Yes, that’s me with the white and purple hair, I am having fun trying lots of new colours!

Many MANY thanks to Will for the images and to Dawei for the opportunity. I am especially thrilled that Will decided not to do any retouching on the faces, letting my makeup work speak for itself.