up or down, or a bit of both??

Summer is SO popular for weddings in Melbourne, perfect weather, long afternoons, glorious sunsets and warm evenings, can there be a better time to celebrate love??

If you are one of the lucky ladies about to get married, the most important moment in your life will be the best party you attend. Of COURSE you want your wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons!

Think about your dress when choosing a hairstyle, and make sure you have a trial AT LEAST two months before your big day, preferably with any hair accessories. If you are unsure what you want, check out other summer weddings on blog posts, instagram and pinterest for ideas, but ultimately, it's your choice. Of course, if your wedding is formal, then updo it is, but more casual weddings can have anything from fully sculptured buns through to a simple beachy waves look.

bridesmaid in wine coloured dress and bling jewellery  with curled updo holding pink bouquet
bride in white dress with curled hair and half makeup putting ear rings on
flower girl in blush dress with curled hair and lily bouquet walking down aisle
bride wearing bling headband and veil with harry potter tattoo and hair updo
tattooed bridesmaid in teal gown with pink flowers and hair updo
redheaded tattooed bridesmaid in pink floral dress holding natives bouquet with hair updo

One important thing to consider between up and down hairstyles is your accessories. Are you planning a veil?? They look incredible with both up and down styles, but fine hair may be better with at least half up, to give the veil some 'body' for support. Long veils get heavy, so make sure it's easy to take out if you want to remove it so you can dance the night away!

Do you want jewellery in your hair?? There are so many types from simple decorated combs and headbands, through to fully blinged and wired hair vines, and decorated hairpins that can be scattered throughout your hairstyle to make it really stand out. One important thing to note is that your accessories should always be a little more elaborate than your attendants.

Updo's and semi updo's look amazing with tiara's and headbands, for the bride who wants to make an impact, and you can have coloured stones or pearls to match your theme. Styles can range from understated elegance, through to beautiful fairy tale floral designs and modern geometric patterns, with styles to fit most budgets.

groom in dark suit kissing bride with hair half up and half down at altar bride in white gown with bling hairclip
casually dressed mature bride and groom dancing on beach after wedding. bride in white dress with blonde hair in waves
goth bride in vintage wedding dress with curled hair and black tiara with green stones
brides mother attaching vintage veil to modern bride with hair updo
mature bride with hair half up and half down in white gown and veil carrying pink and white bouquet with father in churc

floral choices

Summer has an abundance of beautiful flowers to spoil you with choice. The beauty of flowers is that they can be styled in simple casual combs right through to elaborate and elegant headbands and crowns, and if you want to match them to your colours perfectly, silk is a great option, particularly for weddings in the middle of the day, as they won't wilt from the heat. Matching bouquets, buttoniers and flower crowns with scattered posies on tables or alongside the aisle can create a sumptuous and fairytale look to any wedding.

So there, you have it, ideas to inspire you. Remember, it's YOUR wedding day, and you should do it YOUR way.

bride with purple hair and red lipstick wearing spectacles white gown and veil while holding pink bouquet
redhead bride with boho braided hairstyle scattered with flowers holding red and white rose bouquet
asian bride with curled hair half up and half down holding dried roses bouquet
bride with low messy bun having bling hairpiece tied at nape of neck
bridesmaids with smooth updo and bling combs
flower girls with floral headbands holding matching pink and white bouquets