January is long and hot in Australia

People are on holidays, boudoir photographers take some down time and work on projects that inspire them and stretch their skills.

This is the story of one such project.

Meet Bella – a beauty of a dress. So much lace, so much style and elegance from days gone by. But Bella is the holder of unhappy memories. She was worn by a good friend on her wedding day. A day full of promise, and hope and love. Love that turned sour and ended in tears.

But Bella’s owner was NOT to be defeated. Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes of a bad marriage, stronger, more beautiful, more desirable than before. And as part of her rebirth, she gifted Bella to me, to do the same.

Oh, the potential! Ideas quickly filled my head – dye her to a rich deep beige with coffee and tea leaves, find a beautiful natural curvy model to do her justice. A field of tall grass, balloons instead of a bouquet, smiles, happiness, dancing and laughing in the late afternoon sun. Then, a fully clothed dip into a pond or waterfall to cool off.

So, the transformation begins.. first step coffee dyeing – fortunately, I have plenty of instant coffee that is not being used – and it’s a nice dark roast.

Not the most attractive of looks for such a beauty, but Bella understands the pain of transformation, and endures.

*note for the technically minded – 200g of dark roast instant coffee in a half bathtub of hot water.. WET dress soaked for 4 hours, then drained, and placed into clothes dryer to set dye*

And Bella’s first step is complete, she is beautiful and starts to feel loved again.

Bella is ready to be shown to the world, and to start searching for just the right model to showcase her beautiful curves, someone who will appreciate her lace and her elegant style, someone who wants to carry balloons instead of a bouquet. Watch this space!