Wait, family photos??

I hear you gasp! "What is she doing?? Carol doesn't photograph families!" This is true, it's VERY rare for me to photograph families, because there are so many other photographers doing great work there, and I would rather specialise and focus on women through their life journey.

HOWEVER, this is a special family. This is one of my daughters and her new blended family (yay, bonus grandkids!!) Captured on a recent trip to Perth to visit them and do a series of boudoir photo sessions and weddings, here are some of the things that I learnt while creating images that we all fell in love with.

outdoor photography bearded father in park embracing children all smiling
blended family children posing in park summer outdoor perth photography
summer outdoor photography mother with children smiling at camera
summer outdoor perth photography children sitting on log in park all holding hands and smiling at camera

I don't know why but often, if you are in a relationship, the other half is nothing like as keen on a session as you are!

Firstly, don't worry, they still love you, it is just that photographs don't figure so strongly in some people's minds

Having said that, remind of your love and you want some pictures to keep around so you can always see them, even if they are far away. Tell them that they make you feel warm and cuddly. How could anyone resist???

Also, thank goodness I have a large family myself, because getting 5 children ranging from new born to teenager is definitely harder than herding cats!

Black and white photo bearded man with teenage son and newborn in park
black and white photograph woman with daughter holding newborn in park
black and white photograph parents looking at newborn on mother's shoulder
black and white photograph mother and daughter embracing by tree
black and white photograph bearded man tenderly embracing long haired smiling woman
black and white photo teenager holding newborn brother and smiling at him

If you are bringing children, it will help you be relaxed and get them excited if you get the children ready together. If you are bribing the children, make sure that you both know where the bribes are, and maybe sneak a bribe in for them! (not to other photographers, carry bribes for children!)

Children should also be happy and relaxed about it all - so no stressing the kids before the shoot. Arrange the shoot near something that they want to do afterwards (see bribing paragraph above!)

Being co-ordinated in clothing is great, so spend some time together deciding on outfits. It's a load of fun to choose for each other if you are both up for it.

Don't say "you're not wearing that are you?". Instead go for "how about your blue shirt - you look really nice in that". TRUST me on how much this will reduce stress!

outdoor portrait two teenage sisters with long hair smiling at camera, one is wearing spectacles
outdoor family portrait brother with three sisters posing in front of tree branch and holding hands smiling at camera
outdoor portrait redhead child in white and red dress posed on tree branch smiling at camera
Outdoor portrait, curly haired blonde girl dancing in clearing surrounded by trees
Teenage brunette girl wearing spectacles and smiling at camera posed outdoors in summer park
redhead girl and older brunette brother embracing and smiling at camera
Teenage brunette boy leaning against tree in park summer portrait
three sisters dancing along path by creek and smiling at each other summer outdoor portrait

For some reason men can be terrible smilers too, or even worse, they have ONE 'blue steel' look that they pull out for every photo - BORING! It's a bit of work, but we have lots of tricks up our sleeves that work on getting genuine smiles and happiness.

So, what do you think?? Should I add family photos to my offerings?? More importantly, WHEN was the last time you have family photos???