I LOVE weddings. Seeing a couple committing their love for each other in front of family and friends is one of the most beautiful and moving things that I can imagine. So I decided, after practicing and studying and attending several workshops by experienced professionals and doing plenty of assisting along the way, that I would open myself to photographing this amazing landmark in the life of many people.

I had a small amount of experience helping out friends in the past, but these were in Leeton and Perth, and I knew that I would need some local images to help my portfolio along.

I started by offering a small number of free basic packages on gumtree and Facebook. I was very selective, as I didn’t want to over extend myself at all, and I was also aware that I really was still an absolute beginner at wedding photography and that I would need to make everyone aware of this.

Enter Khenette. Her brother Raul had found a beautiful bride, Michelle, and as they planned a large ceremony in her home land overseas in the near future, they wanted just a small intimate ceremony here for their Australian family and friends. Khenette was helping her new sister in law with the planning, as she was quite nervous dealing with people she didn’t know, and she told me that my advertisement made me sound approachable and understanding, exactly what I was after! I was thrilled to be able to capture their day, and I can’t thank them enough for trusting me.

My favourite part of this beautiful wedding was the flowers. They were all picked from neighbours gardens, and the bridesmaids put them together on the morning, aren’t they beautiful! I have two more basic free weddings booked into my calendar, and look forward to sharing them so that you can see how I am progressing.

While this wedding was beautiful and quite traditional, my hope in the future is to attract the slightly quirky brides, the ones who wear sneakers under their dresses, or wear recycled wedding outfits, have cocktails and finger foods instead of sit down receptions, home picked bouquets, or balloons instead of flowers. If you are planning a wedding that is left of centre, contact me and we can have a chat about how to best capture your unique day.

 Ceremony at Jack Roper Reserve, Broadmeadows, Bride photographed in her In Law’s home in Broadmeadows.

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day. Her love and excitement just shine from her, and it is an honour to capture those special moments.