hobart, tasmania

hobart, tasmania

I love photographing weddings, so does Chris. SO much love in the air, it's just obvious from all the details that the bride and groom spend so much time carefully planning. Everyone walking around with smiles and hugging people, just because, it's an awesome day to be a part of. Rebecca and Troy's wedding was overflowing with love, and we could see it from the moment we stepped off the plane.

This loved up couple had their preparations in Rebecca's parent's amazing and historic Hobart property, before heading off to the. Hobart Royal Botanic Gardens where they had chosen the beautiful entrance to the Japanese Gardens for their ceremony.

Even though they were in the same house, Troy didn't see Rebecca once she started getting ready. One of her favourite memories is the look on his face when he turned around as she came up the aisle in the dress of her dreams, it was priceless to them both.

It was an early start for EVERYONE! Chris and I were on the plane from Tullamarine at 6am, touching down just before 8, then into a hire car, and I was straight into hair and makeup for the bridal party while Chris took over the job of details and the Groom's party. I don't often offer hair and makeup, as it makes for a VERY full day and I worry that I may miss some photos, but having Chris with me to rely on meant that I could concentrate on this beautiful bride and her awesome wedding party.

Their blue gowns were my favourite colour EVER in a wedding, so lovely to photograph! The gorgeous artifical flowers (bet you can't tell!) were brought across from Werribee in Victoria and complemented everything perfectly.

A large summer thunderstorm was brewing, and the bride's veil flew off her head as she walked up the aisle, but it didn't stop her from meeting her love and saying those all important "I DO's". Rebecca just reminded herself of my favourite saying "It won't make me any less married, so don't stress". It's the best advice that they offer couples who are still planning, because it's SO true!

Rebecca's unfounded nightmare that Troy wouldn't be there was never going to happen, that man was determined to make her his wife, no matter what weather or what state they were in.

The handwritten vows were so personal and meaningful, describing how after finding each other on a dating site, they both just KNEW on their first date that it was love at first sight and that love just grew and grew in the four years they had been together. The guests weren't the only ones tearing up, I had to rely on Chris more than once as I put my camera down to wipe my eyes.

In Rebecca's own words, her favourite memory of the entire day is being able to celebrate with the people they love, and although Troy's mother had passed away before they got married, They knew she would have added to the love on the day.

Then the thunderstorm hit, WOW, it was a good one, and there was a LOT of heavy rain afterwards. It DID cut the garden photos short, but not before Chris did his awesome trick of finding somewhere impossible to take a photo from, and then taking it!

We sheltered under trees near the entrance, then made our way to the Geilston Bay Boat Club for a fun and relaxed afternoon of celebration, and Rebecca's favourite - the cake from Cakes of Heavenly Indulgence. Robyn outdid herself, it was the yummiest wedding cake I have ever had!

Troy is a photographer himself, so it meant a lot to us that they wrote how grateful they were to have chosen a photographer who was confident, and easy to get along with, it's one of the highest compliments that we ever receive, because we both feel that it's a BIG part of our job, not be be JUST photographers, but to go that extra mile to make sure the day is as perfect as it can be.

The reception was all about relaxing and enjoying each other's company, mixed with a LOT of laughs. As you can see, Troy couldn't wait to get his tie off, and it made quite the show.

After a VERY tasty roast dinner that was perfect for the stormy weather, a couple of fun speeches and a raid on the lolly buffet, the cake was cut and family photos taken and then the business of partying and relaxing began.

Rebecca and Troy chose a wishing well instead of gifts, and this enabled them to have a coastal tasmanian break enjoying fishing and camping, such great memories their friends and family have given them!

Thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day Rebecca and Troy, it's one of our favourite 2018 memories, and we wish you both a lifetime of happily ever after.